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26,800 mAh USB-C Power Bank

Portable power banks are advertised like crazy on Facebook and Instagram.

Look at enough of those ads and see just how thick and heavy these upper end units are and just how expensive.

This USB-C Power Bank is thin and inexpensive, It’s become my default for any travel over 2 days and it doesn’t disappoint when your cellphone or tablet are calling for help.

Or both are calling out at the same time.

I keep this, otherwise in my car, in the event of you know what, when I really want to be certain there’s enough power for when I may really need it.

USB-C Battery Pack

10,400 mAh USB-C Power Bank

This is my daily default Power Bank.

I have 2 of these and if there were more people in my household I would have one for everyone.

This unit covers all bases, with built in  Lightning, mini USB and USB-C connectors, so you don’t need to fumble around.

This is light, unobtrusive and absolutely perfect for cell phones to either power them or rapidly recharge their depleted batteries.

I carry this pretty much everywhere I go, especially if to an event I know will mean lots of photos and videos or using power draining apps.

Did I mention it was cheap compared to pretty much everything being pushed on FaceBook and Instagram?

50,000mAh  Fast Charging Power Bank

OK. I don’t own this one and never have, but….

This 50,000 mAh fast charging power bank happens to be the most frequently purchased item on this page, following the first two on the list.

Maybe it’s the price that’s attractive or perhaps it’s the astounding 50,000 mAh at that great price point.

It is a little thicker than I’ve been accustomed to using, but that’s not a bad trade-off for this great endurance and even though it’s a little thicker it definitely fits easily into your palm, making it a pretty easy add on, or something that readily slips into your pocket for when it is needed.

100 Watt 20,000 mAh USB-C Power Bank for Laptops

If you’re a real road warrior you know that you probably need at least 60 watts to fire up and charge your lap top.

Well, this is that unit and it combines the power with capacity, with 3 out ports to support up to 3 units.

Best of all it’s value priced and has a small footprint that won’t weigh you down.

This unit will easily charge your laptop and phone while stuck in the airport or just don’t have an easy to acces outlet in your 1990s designed hotel room.


Digital Alarm Clock with USB Ports

Everyone knows the feeling when staying at a hotel and there aren’t enough outlets or USB ports.

These days that pretty much the story at home, too.

This past spring we stayed at a hotel that had one of these on each night stand and I was immediately sold.

We ordered two of these for home and it really does solve this first world problem.

Otherwise, this is a simple digital alarm clock that is small enough to also pack away for road trips when you still can’t be certain your hotel will have what you need.

The Perfect Alarm Clock

Tired of rolling over to see the time? Yeah, I get it. Sometimes the slightest effort is too much effort, so you’ll want this alarm clock the projects on walls and ceilings and in a choice of colors. Best of all, get all the inside and outside weather information you need to get your day going.

Fast Charge Compatible Outlet

This is another of those “How did we get along without this?” items. Once you install one, and don’t forget to cut power as you do, you’ll want more of these USB wall outlets in your home that accepts standard USB-A and the newer, fast charge compatible USB-C.

You Need A Good Webcam

Let’s face it. You spent more than you wanted for your new laptop and among the things you learned is that they come equipped with a lousy webcam. The good news is that a 1080p high definition webcam with built in microphone can be had at a value price. Incredibly simple to install and use, so why not look your best on your next Zoom?


Never Enough USB Ports?

Welcome to 21st century problems, but unlike Global Warming, this problem has an immediate solution. This USB Hub has 7 ports and supports USB 3.0. It is perfect at home or in newer model cars that have a USB port. Now everyone can be connected and have no need to whine about their batteries.

No One’s Business But Yours

Is there anyone who’s not on a diet or watching their weight? How about tracking BMI? Everyone it seems and these days that old fashioned scale won’t cut it anymore. But this Wi-Fi enabled scale not only tells you weight, but also 14 biometric measurements, including your heart rate and best of all syncs data with the most popular health apps and devices

Everyone Gets Their Own Cord

I was the last in my family to make the switch over to iPhone. What I discovered immediately is that everyone insisted that the charging cord that was lying around was theirs. Well, with these color coded cords that’s not happening any more. Can you borrow mine? Sure, but the operative word here is “mine.” These braided cords are easy to track, durable and at 6 feet functional for most every occasion.


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