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I’m not one of those people that enjoys going to those automotive stores. I don’t know why, but they’re just not for me. Considering that you can get the common items, as well as the oddball ones here on Amazon, why hop in the car, struggle through the aisles and not find what you need?

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No Time for Shopping?

Wait. You just don’t know what to get for someone on your list? Who in the world is going to say “No!” to an Amazon Gift Card, available for any amount you like?

Never Enough USB Ports?

Welcome to 21st century problems, but unlike Global Warming, this problem has an immediate solution. This USB Hub has 7 ports and supports USB 3.0. It is perfect at home or in newer model cars that have a USB port. Now everyone can be connected and have no need to whine about their batteries.

Organize That Back Seat

A few years ago I would have scoffed at the very idea, but reality has hit and my grown children have their own children. As a doting grandparent I run lots of errands with their kids and this back seat organizer is just spectacular to have on our trips. Its big, it’s waterproof, it’s easy to clean and it has lots of pockets. That checks off all the boxes for me.

Get Boosted

In this case, that’s not a political statement, nor a statement about one’s health, although your sanity might be spared if you keep one of these car battery chargers at hand. We’ve all been there, even with a new car and it always seems to happen at the very worst time. This recharging unit is small, but powerful, being able to take on 12V and 24V jobs and is simple to use. No more lining up another car with your and having to check 4 different leads and trying to figure out where the disconnect is with this life saver.

Fix That Crack

It’s not safe driving around with those little windshield cracks and it might just get you a ticket, as well, so why not apply a little DIY? This kit is made to fix those little cracks and craze lines and comes with everything you need for the application of the clear resin. All you need to do is apply a little sunshine.

Everyone Gets Their Own Cord

You need them at home and you need them in your car. Everybody has an iPhone that seems to need a charge when they climb into your car, so you need multiple charging cords for the front seat and back for everyone to stay plugged in. 21st century problems aren’t that bad if there are such easy solutions as this one. These braided cords are easy to track, durable and at 6 feet functional for most every occasion.

Blow It Up

This one is simple: You need this in your car and you need it before it’s too late. Lightweight, but powerful this car necessity will be ready when you need it. Of course, it would be silly to not include lots of different tips for different inflating needs, so this one comes with a variety, whether you’re blowing up party balloons, basketballs or other inflatables.

Who Doesn’t Like A Clean Car?

Whether it’s your pets or your kids, or even if you’re the culprit, it shouldn’t be difficult to keep your car clean. When you think about how much time we spend in there it’s nice tobe looking at something other than crumbs or leaving the car covered in dog hair. This powerful vacuum restores some dignity to your chariot and home away from home.

Trunk Organizer

It doesn’t really matter what kind of a car you’re driving, but who needs a disorganized trunk, especially when you really need to find something and it’s beginning to stress you out when you can’t and cars are whizzing right past you. This collapsible trunk organizer is just the thing for emergency items and other essentials. You won’t know how much you needed it until you need it.

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