The information provided in this “Disclaimer” is applicable to all Shop and Roll (SNR) products.

Additional portions are also applicable to SNR programs that are targeted toward affinity groups and utilize customized Toolbars, e-mail or Cellphone text messaging.

The SNR recommendations that are provided, are not a guarantee of customer satisfaction. The products featured, are to the best of our knowledge, properly described and consistent with Amazon’s descriptions.

SNR may derive commissions through the sale of any items featured on this platform. At no time is any personally identifying data shared with us, or captured by us.

Other services that SNR offers for affinity groups are designed as fund raisers through sharing a portion of commissions generated with organizations or groups.

None of SNR’s services are endorsed by outside organizations. Any fund raising or charitable activities for organizations are done as a reflection of the interests of the principals of SNR and its holding company, ACS Consulting. Financial benefits that may accrue to such organizations are provided without anticipation or expectation of reciprocal endorsement of our activities or services.

It is also recommended that potential users of this site review our Privacy Policy, particularly with regard to information that subscribers may submit.

We are very committed to safeguarding your privacy and keeping all information that is transmitted in complete confidence in all of the manners in which that information may be transmitted.

Questions may be directed to: gacs@realshopandroll.com

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