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The Perfect Alarm Clock

Tired of rolling over to see the time? Yeah, I get it. Sometimes the slightest effort is too much effort, so you’ll want this alarm clock the projects on walls and ceilings and in a choice of colors. Best of all, get all the inside and outside weather information you need to get your day going.

Simple Installation LED Lights

If you have 5″/6″  recessed lighting and are still using old fashioned incandescent bulbs…why? Make the switch with these incredibly easy to install LED recessed dimmable lights that can also have their light output color temperature switched from 2700K to 5000K to suit your preferences, needs or mood. I did a big switchover this past year and no longer need to spend my time getting harder and harder to find (and expensive) replacement bulbs

Fast Charge Compatible Outlet

This is another of those “How did we get along without this?” items. Once you install one, and don’t forget to cut power as you do, you’ll want more of these USB wall outlets in your home that accepts standard USB-A and the newer, fast charge compatible USB-C.

Toilet Repair Kit?

Believe me, I know. This isn’t exactly the most exciting product featured here, but it was one of my favorite buys of 2021 and now every bathroom in our home has this very easy to install and really great functioning flush valve. It’s hard to explain, but you’ll know why once you install one and then want some more. You’ll thank me.

Makeup Desk Organizer

This is a quantum leap up from storing all of your makeup needs in drawers and fumbling through them to find what you need as you keep an eye on a ticking clock. This desktop makeup organizer has 3 drawers and various compartments and works great on any flat surface, whether in the bedroom or bathroom.

Electric Fireplace

I know this is more costly than anything else listed here, but when I fired mine up for the first time every season I’m reminded why I love having this in our Master Bathroom. This is easy to install and really makes a difference on these cold early mornings. It also happens to be nice to look at and I enjoy playing with the different color flames. The real question becomes how many of these and what sizes do you want for your home?

Not to be a downer, but it will be cold sooner than you think. Be ready this winter!

No One’s Business But Yours

Is there anyone who’s not on a diet or watching their weight? How about tracking BMI? Everyone it seems and these days that old fashioned scale won’t cut it anymore. But this Wi-Fi enabled scale not only tells you weight, but also 14 biometric measurements, including your heart rate and best of all syncs data with the most popular health apps and devices

Sleep Better. Breathe Better

It’s winter where I live and even with climate change these nights are getting awfully dry, leading to some uncomfortable breathing and less than relaxing nights. If like me, you need one of these quiet humidifiers to keep you serenely at rest and without those dried respiratory passageways when the morning comes.

This Is One Good Sheet

You can’t talk about blankets and not talk about bed sheets, can you? While there are lots of options, it can be hard to know which to pick. These are great for lots of reasons including price point, variety and silky softness. A sheet that breathes and retains its cool feel throughout the night is something that once you’ve tried you won’t go without.

Hygienic Toothbrush Holder

This may sound sort of trite and maybe even gross, but if your still using something like a cup to hold your toothbrushes and toothpaste, when was the last time you cleaned or changed that cup? You really do have a cauldron of bacteria percolating right there. Instead of the novelty coffee mug go with this simple, yet stylish toothbrush holder that allows for drainage and air drying making it less hospitable for those pesky little bacteria.


Relax With This Sound Machine

I have to admit when I saw that my kids were using a sound machine for their own kids I was a bit skeptical, but one evening when baby sitting I fell right to sleep while waiting for the baby to do so. I was hooked and the skepticism was a thing of the past. Whether you live on a busy street or in the woods, there’s something comforting about having a background sound that puts you at ease after a long day. You deserve this.

Wrap This One Up

How has this not been a thing for centuries? If your household was anything like mine you have lots of gift wrapping supplies and they’re scattered everywhere, even getting crumpled and ruined for the next time you need them. No more with this great under-bed storage unit that holds and protects all of those supplies of wrapping paper that seems to get more expensive each season and such a shame to waste and ruin.

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The Wonder Weighted Blanket

If you haven’t used a weighted blanket you don’t know what your pet knows. The right amount of evenly distributed weight confers comfort and restful sleep. Available in different weights and colors, with 15 pounds a commonly recommended standard. This blanket has nine layers and 10-inch pockets for better weight distribution and maximum comfort

Breathe Pure Air And Relax

Allergies? Lingering odors? Once you have an air purifier in your bedroom you will wonder why you haven’t put them in every bedroom and even the kitchen. This beauty quietly goes about its business and makes your night’s sleep one less filled with sneezes and teary eyes. Best of all, this small unit is rated for rooms up to 215 square feet. At this price if you have really large open spaces you can set up multiple units and breathe easily again.

Organize Your Bathroom

After a while you get tired of scrounging around searching through bathroom drawers for loss Q-Tips, cotton balls and other essentials.  The solution is in having these jars line your bathroom counter giving you function and esthetics all in one as you get the organization you need and the look you want especially in that guest bathroom when you know how judgmental people can be.

Form And Function From This Hanging Shelf

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m a sucker for products that offer both form and function. This is one of those and is just perfect for any kitchen, family room or den.  There really is no better way to make room come alive than with plants on this rustic rope hanging shelf.


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