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No Time for Shopping?

Wait. You just don’t know what to get for someone on your list? Who in the world is going to say “No!” to an Amazon Gift Card, available for any amount you like?

100 Foot Expandable Garden Hose

You’ve seen them advertised on TV and they scoff at Amazon, saying that the original hose isn’t available there, so they expect you to pay $20 for a 25 foot hose! I have 3 of these 100 Foot Expandable Hoses for my 1 acre and they are just spectacular under every condition. These just don’t kink, are very lightweight and take up far less space. For me, the really big bonus is that unlike all of those previous heavy hoses that I used to leave out on the lawn, these don’t end up getting devoured by the lawn mowing crew.

Men’s Slim-Fit Quick-Dry Golf Polo Shirt

I don’t often put clothing items in these pages, but these “Amazon Essentials” Men’s Polo Shirts are just a great value. That means you get exceptional quality for a very reasonable price. I wear these day in and day out. They get lots of washings and sometimes I even stupidly wear them while doing some messy tasks, like gardening, but they’re easily cleaned and spring right back to life for more social event use. These are definitely worth stocking up on.

Simple Installation LED Lights

If you have 5″/6″  recessed lighting and are still using old fashioned incandescent bulbs…why? Make the switch with these incredibly easy to install LED recessed dimmable lights that can also have their light output color temperature switched from 2700K to 5000K to suit your preferences, needs or mood. I did a big switchover this past year and no longer need to spend my time getting harder and harder to find (and expensive) replacement bulbs

The Perfect Alarm Clock

Tired of rolling over to see the time? Yeah, I get it. Sometimes the slightest effort is too much effort, so you’ll want this alarm clock the projects on walls and ceilings and in a choice of colors. Best of all, get all the inside and outside weather information you need to get your day going.

Fast Charge Compatible Outlet

This is another of those “How did we get along without this?” items. Once you install one, and don’t forget to cut power as you do, you’ll want more of these USB wall outlets in your home that accepts standard USB-A and the newer, fast charge compatible USB-C.

You Need A Good Webcam

Let’s face it. You spent more than you wanted for your new laptop and among the things you learned is that they come equipped with a lousy webcam. The good news is that a 1080p high definition webcam with built in microphone can be had at a value price. Incredibly simple to install and use, so why not look your best on your next Zoom?


Toilet Repair Kit?

Believe me, I know. This isn’t exactly the most exciting product featured here, but it was one of my favorite buys of 2021 and now every bathroom in our home has this very easy to install and really great functioning flush valve. It’s hard to explain, but you’ll know why once you install one and then want some more. You’ll thank me.

Never Enough USB Ports?

Welcome to 21st century problems, but unlike Global Warming, this problem has an immediate solution. This USB Hub has 7 ports and supports USB 3.0. It is perfect at home or in newer model cars that have a USB port. Now everyone can be connected and have no need to whine about their batteries.

Your Kitchen Needs This

My son is an avid cook and his wife got him a pot and pan organizer for Christmas. I hope he doesn’t see this one, though, because he’ll want to trade his in for this 8 tier and adjustable beauty that puts everything right at hand and really looks great.

Electric Fireplace

I know this is more costly than anything else listed here, but when I fired mine up for the first time every season I’m reminded why I love having this in our Master Bathroom. This is easy to install and really makes a difference on these cold early mornings. It also happens to be nice to look at and I enjoy playing with the different color flames. The real question becomes how many of these and what sizes do you want for your home?

Not to be a downer, but it will be cold sooner than you think. Be ready this winter!

Makeup Desk Organizer

This is a quantum leap up from storing all of your makeup needs in drawers and fumbling through them to find what you need as you keep an eye on a ticking clock. This desktop makeup organizer has 3 drawers and various compartments and works great on any flat surface, whether in the bedroom or bathroom.

This Is One Good Sheet

You can’t talk about blankets and not talk about bed sheets, can you? While there are lots of options, it can be hard to know which to pick. These are great for lots of reasons including price point, variety and silky softness. A sheet that breathes and retains its cool feel throughout the night is something that once you’ve tried you won’t go without.

Yes, You Can Organize

You may have noticed that I’m a fan or organization. Nothing makes me crazier than loose cans floating around and invariably falling off pantry shelves and onto my toes.  No more with this can organizer because it’s the perfect way to organize your cans so you know exactly where everything is at all times and without the hazards of a chaotic pantry shelf.

Jars Won’t Stand A Chance
You don’t have to be getting on in years to know the frustration of dealing with opening jars and pop-off lids, even soda cans. Why struggle when this 5 in 1 multi-purpose jar opener can be yours and put to use each and every day. No more grunting, running under hot water, trying to pry open jars and whatever other secrets you might be using. Just get this and never be at the mercy of some muscle bound relative.
Be a Kitchen Pro With This Vegetable Slicer

Some people are great at slicing vegetables. Some people actually feel a sense of relaxation doing the prep work of getting vegetables ready for a main dish or salad. Then there’s the rest of us. Mince, cut, shop, slice or dice it’s all very tedious for me and I get sloppy after just a few seconds. Instead, this vegetable slicer removes the drudgery and makes the effort so much easier with its quick swap out blades and perfect cuts every time.

Hot Coffee Never Goes Cold

Love this, love this, love this!!! I’m going to love this even more as winter sets in. This coffee warmer comes with a flat bottom metal mug, so it’s guaranteed to work and keep your drink piping at whatever temperature you set. Forget the others and hope you can find  flat bottomed ceramic mug. Good luck with that.

Get Your Mugs Organized

This is such a great system for mug storage and keeping them from chipping. If you’re like me you’ve collected and use lots of coffee mugs and storing them is a hazard and you’ve started stacking them. This system solves that problem and adjusts for all sized mugs.

Great Coffee And Great Value

If you have an Original Nespresso Coffee Machine you are absolutely going to love this coffee and will equally love its low price. After about 10 years of using the original coffee I made the switch and will never look back.

Rolling Made Easy

There’s nothing as frustrating as bubbles and kinks keeping your dough from being a masterpiece. Luckily, you get smooth dough with this non-porous stainless steel rolling pin.  Nearly 16 inches long it handles pasta to pie dough, but unlike pins of past, this goes right into the dishwasher

Get Primed!

What? You don’t have an Amazon Prime account? Well try this free 30 Day Membership and take advantage of all the great features, including enhanced delivery and streaming television from Amazon’s great library of shows and movies

No One’s Business But Yours

Is there anyone who’s not on a diet or watching their weight? How about tracking BMI? Everyone it seems and these days that old fashioned scale won’t cut it anymore. But this Wi-Fi enabled scale not only tells you weight, but also 14 biometric measurements, including your heart rate and best of all syncs data with the most popular health apps and devices

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Blend Away At Will

What can’t you do with this immersion blender?. With multiple attachments routine kitchen chores like whisking, frothing and chopping are a real breeze and done with easy clean-up.

Sleep Better. Breathe Better

It’s winter where I live and even with climate change these nights are getting awfully dry, leading to some uncomfortable breathing and less than relaxing nights. If like me, you need one of these quiet humidifiers to keep you serenely at rest and without those dried respiratory passageways when the morning comes.


The Treat Your Dog Will Love

Your best friend already gives you unconditional love, so why not return the favor with a treat your dog will really love? There are lots of Chicken/Sweet Potato treats to choose from, but these are home doggie tested by our “Laszlo” and he scampers off in delight each time he receives one.

Organize That Back Seat

A few years ago I would have scoffed at the very idea, but reality has hit and my grown children have their own children. As a doting grandparent I run lots of errands with their kids and this back seat organizer is just spectacular to have on our trips. Its big, it’s waterproof, it’s easy to clean and it has lots of pockets. That checks off all the boxes for me.

Relax With This Sound Machine

I have to admit when I saw that my kids were using a sound machine for their own kids I was a bit skeptical, but one evening when baby sitting I fell right to sleep while waiting for the baby to do so. I was hooked and the skepticism was a thing of the past. Whether you live on a busy street or in the woods, there’s something comforting about having a background sound that puts you at ease after a long day. You deserve this.

Everyone Gets Their Own Cord

I was the last in my family to make the switch over to iPhone. What I discovered immediately is that everyone insisted that the charging cord that was lying around was theirs. Well, with these color coded cords that’s not happening any more. Can you borrow mine? Sure, but the operative word here is “mine.” These braided cords are easy to track, durable and at 6 feet functional for most every occasion.

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Taking Tea to a Higher Level

I’m not really a tea person, but my wife is and so she chimed in on this tea pot that is perfect when her bridge club comes to play. This glass beauty comes with a mesh infuser and easily withstands gas, electric or ceramic stovetops. It can also be used in the microwave, but I’m being told that no self-respecting person would brew a pot of tea in a microwave. So there’s that, too.

Taxes Shouldn’t Be A Chore

I know. I know. There’s nothing whimsical about doing your taxes, but this is as functional as it gets. I’ve been using this for more than 20 years and it just keeps getting better and better and easier and easier to use. The best part is that it will do multiple returns for all your family members, while making it simple to print, save and submit to your pals at the IRS

Hygienic Toothbrush Holder

This may sound sort of trite and maybe even gross, but if your still using something like a cup to hold your toothbrushes and toothpaste, when was the last time you cleaned or changed that cup? You really do have a cauldron of bacteria percolating right there. Instead of the novelty coffee mug go with this simple, yet stylish toothbrush holder that allows for drainage and air drying making it less hospitable for those pesky little bacteria.


Organize Those Batteries

You know why you need this and you probably wonder why you’ve never had a battery organizer. This one not only stores all sized common batteries but also has a tester, which is something that you’ll really come to appreciate if replacing batteries for all of those toys that now come with a safety battery compartment. You really don’t want to be unnecessarily screwing and unscrewing those.

Blow It Up

This one is simple: You need this in your car and you need it before it’s too late. Lightweight, but powerful this car necessity will be ready when you need it. Of course, it would be silly to not include lots of different tips for different inflating needs, so this one comes with a variety, whether you’re blowing up party balloons, basketballs or other inflatables.

Adults Deserve Fun, Too!
While you don’t need alcohol to play this adult game, do have a designated driver, just in case. This game is pure fun for 4 or more adult players and the spiciness can be controlled before you start in the event some of your friends are a little faint of heart.
Fix That Crack

It’s not safe driving around with those little windshield cracks and it might just get you a ticket, as well, so why not apply a little DIY? This kit is made to fix those little cracks and craze lines and comes with everything you need for the application of the clear resin. All you need to do is apply a little sunshine.

Wrap This One Up

How has this not been a thing for centuries? If your household was anything like mine you have lots of gift wrapping supplies and they’re scattered everywhere, even getting crumpled and ruined for the next time you need them. No more with this great under-bed storage unit that holds and protects all of those supplies of wrapping paper that seems to get more expensive each season and such a shame to waste and ruin.

Alexa On The Move

It may be presumptuous of me to assume you already have an Alexa. If you don’t, just click here, but if you do, you will love this battery base for the new 4th Generation Echo (the Globe). Take your tunes anywhere as Alexa goes mobile within your Wi-Fi coverage area. This was a great find for me whenever we were on the deck, the patio or hot tub. I shouldn’t admit it, but there’s one in the master bathroom, as well.

If you have a 3rd Generation Alexa, get your charging base here

The Wonder Weighted Blanket

If you haven’t used a weighted blanket you don’t know what your pet knows. The right amount of evenly distributed weight confers comfort and restful sleep. Available in different weights and colors, with 15 pounds a commonly recommended standard. This blanket has nine layers and 10-inch pockets for better weight distribution and maximum comfort

Get Boosted

In this case, that’s not a political statement, nor a statement about one’s health, although your sanity might be spared if you keep one of these car battery chargers at hand. We’ve all been there, even with a new car and it always seems to happen at the very worst time. This recharging unit is small, but powerful, being able to take on 12V and 24V jobs and is simple to use. No more lining up another car with your and having to check 4 different leads and trying to figure out where the disconnect is with this life saver.

Clean Up Your Pantry With These Storage Containers

Take your pantry organization to a higher level with these airtight food storage containers.  The set of six includes two large and four medium containers that hold everything from oatmeal to flour to rice. and comes with a marker and labels.

Breathe Pure Air And Relax

Allergies? Lingering odors? Once you have an air purifier in your bedroom you will wonder why you haven’t put them in every bedroom and even the kitchen. This beauty quietly goes about its business and makes your night’s sleep one less filled with sneezes and teary eyes. Best of all, this small unit is rated for rooms up to 215 square feet. At this price if you have really large open spaces you can set up multiple units and breathe easily again.

Who Doesn’t Like A Clean Car?

Whether it’s your pets or your kids, or even if you’re the culprit, it shouldn’t be difficult to keep your car clean. When you think about how much time we spend in there it’s nice tobe looking at something other than crumbs or leaving the car covered in dog hair. This powerful vacuum restores some dignity to your chariot and home away from home.

The  Duo Every Kitchen Deserves

This dispenser set for your oil and vinegar looks great sitting in your kitchen and includes four dispenser spouts, labels, and a funnel for making it easier to move liquids from one container to another. Airtight and leakproof, they are made of crystal-clear glass with easy to see markings for easy measuring.

Spray The Taste On

This oil sprayer is a must for any kitchen and chef who values taste and keeping the unnecessary calories away. The sprayer is perfect for limiting the amount of oil in a meal and keeping roasting items fresh, moist and flavorful. Once you’ve seen it at work you’ll want one for other cooking liquids like wine, sherry and lemon juice. I even like spraying oil and vinegar on my salads and keeping it light and tasty.

oil sprayer
Organize Your Bathroom

After a while you get tired of scrounging around searching through bathroom drawers for loss Q-Tips, cotton balls and other essentials.  The solution is in having these jars line your bathroom counter giving you function and esthetics all in one as you get the organization you need and the look you want especially in that guest bathroom when you know how judgmental people can be.

Form And Function From This Hanging Shelf

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m a sucker for products that offer both form and function. This is one of those and is just perfect for any kitchen, family room or den.  There really is no better way to make room come alive than with plants on this rustic rope hanging shelf.

Sleek Salt And Pepper Grinders 

These refillable salt and pepper grinders are another example of form and function that your kitchen needs. They look great on your kitchen or dining room table and are handy when left near your cooking work space. Their modern sleek look offers immediate appeal and they are equally easy to use, well fashioned to anyone’s hand for a quick dash of salt or pepper.

Store In Stylish Canisters

Looking for a home for those loose veggies? Proper storage is key for garlic, potatoes, onions to keep them lasting longer. These canisters are, like so many items featured, stylish and functional and can find a home in any kitchen decor while keeping foods fresh.

Who Doesn’t Love a Swing?

Who doesn’t want to recreate great childhood memories when moving into their first home?  This rope tree swing is a great addition to any sturdy tree limb and will give fun and pleasure to all using it or watching others use it.  Each swing includes a rubber bottom disc for kids to stand or sit on, platforms to help climb and rope to grab and climb.


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