Great Amazon Buys

Great Amazon Buys

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One thing for certain is when you find just the right item or find just that item that evokes memories of past days, it’s there for you to replenish your stock, give as gifts or just save for a rainy day.

These finds are worth purchasing and perhaps purchasing again and again.

We hope you find that these products deserve a spot in your home or in the homes of your loved ones.

Amazon Gift Card

No Time for Shopping?

Wait. You just don’t know what to get for someone on your list? Who in the world is going to say “No!” to an Amazon Gift Card, available for any amount you like?

Sleep Better. Breathe Better

It’s winter where I live and even with climate change these nights are getting awfully dry, leading to some uncomfortable breathing and less than relaxing nights. If like me, you need one of these quiet humidifiers to keep you serenely at rest and without those dried respiratory passageways when the morning comes.

Bear those Arms

If you spend any time on your feet or bicycling, you know how important, yet tricky it can be to have your phone in your hand. This cell phone armband holds your phone close enough to have easy access in event of emergency. With reflective logo and multiple colors it is a useful and fashionable accessory.

Rolling Made Easy

There’s nothing as frustrating as bubbles and kinks keeping your dough from being a masterpiece. Luckily, you get smooth dough with this non-porous stainless steel rolling pin.  Nearly 16 inches long it handles pasta to pie dough, but unlike pins of past, this goes right into the dishwasher

Essential Oils Are Really Essential

Once you’ve experienced the calming effect of an essential oil it’s not easy to do without them, nor to avoid trying from among the so many different aromas available.  This essential oil kit is a nice starter set full of authentic, natural, unfiltered oils (and they have neither additives nor fillers).

Passwords Got You Flummoxed?

Let’s face it. We all know that we shouldn’t re-use our passwords, but who can remember them all? This password book is a great solution for the problem we all have and stores all site links and log-ins to keep your online presence protected.

Who Doesn’t Love a Swing?

Who doesn’t want to recreate great childhood memories when moving into their first home?  This rope tree swing is a great addition to any sturdy tree limb and will give fun and pleasure to all using it or watching others use it.  Each swing includes a rubber bottom disc for kids to stand or sit on, platforms to help climb and rope to grab and climb.

Keep Your Cell Phone At Hand’s Length

Leave your handbag at home and keep those real essentials with you within easy reach. This cell phone lanyard has a silicone phone case holder, coordinating neck strap and is compatible with most smartphones. Store some cash or a credit card in the back while you keep hands free at the store, beach or anywhere your travels take you.

Toy Around

Remember the fidget spinner? That was so yesterday! Instead, try this desktop ring toss game that’s fun and a nice addition to your living space.  Play for hours on this great, addictive toy that comes in a choice of bamboo or chrome.

Steep And Strain All In One Cup

While it looks like a simple takeout cup from any  coffee shop this steep and strain ceramic tea mug is so much more. It is a tea lover’s dream because it includes a tea diffuser basket for loose tea, two lids and eight patterns to choose from. The infuser is rust-resistant and features a heat-resistant handle.

Gin Maker’s Delight

If you like gin, you’ll love this gin maker’s kit with supplies to create 10 bottles of artisan gin. From citrus to Christmas to chocolate orange, everything you need to make great creations is included to get you started.

Hide Your Yard Stash

Who doesn’t need this  outdoor storage shed? As possessions take over the YardStash IV gets those space hogging bicycles and camping gear out of your garage and into their own space. Set up and takedown is simple and takes minutes to do.

Clean Up Your Pantry With These Storage Containers

Take your pantry organization to a higher level with these airtight food storage containers.  The set of six includes two large and four medium containers that hold everything from oatmeal to flour to rice. and comes with a marker and labels.

The  Duo Every Kitchen Deserves

This dispenser set for your oil and vinegar looks great sitting in your kitchen and includes four dispenser spouts, labels, and a funnel for making it easier to move liquids from one container to another. Airtight and leakproof, they are made of crystal-clear glass with easy to see markings for easy measuring.

Mixology for the Masses


Be everyone’s favorite bartender all throughout the year with your mixology skills thanks to this gorgeous bartender kit in either copper or silver. This 15-piece set, includes a ‎24-ounce martini shaker with built-in strainer, mojito muddler and more. Expert or novice, you’ll enjoy the recipe cards that will make you look like an expert.

Track Your Workout 

Transform your space into a quasi-gym with this pilates workout poster. that also includes yoga, barbells, stretching, foam rollers, and more. Enjoy a wide variety of exercises and lots of costly gym equipment. Large visuals and text make it easy to achieve perfect form and great results.

Rock ‘N’ Roller

This massage stick is just what those aching muscles are calling for. Muscle rollers have been shown shown to increase circulation, restore motion and reduce pain and stiffness and most importantly, reducing recovery time. This lightweight roller is designed to accompany the athlete in you wherever you go.

Dependable Wireless Doorbell

This wireless doorbell set has so many uses and is a perfect replacement or new installation. It is so simple to install and has many customizable features, including varying tones to an extra-long range. It comes in a variety of colors to match your decor.

Oil For Your Face’s Hydration

Even if you have oily skin adding oil to your beauty routine can  be beneficial. This pure cold-pressed marula oil is a great choice to smooth and hydrate your skin as it neutralizes sebum production and can minimize acne.

A Unique Umbrella That You will Love

Why has no one thought of this before? The inverted umbrella inside-out design keeps floors free of water, unlike traditional umbrellas that leave puddles behind. Choose from a variety of colors and patterns that will add a splash of color even on a gloomy day.

The Perfectly Designed Mixing Bowls

SPOILER ALERT: Not all mixing bowls are the same and this set proves that to be the case. This set of four efficiently nests to take up less space and even has lids so you can mix and store in one easy package. The non-slip bottoms keep things secure even as doing food preparations in them.

Wrap Like No Other Wrap

This beautifully designed weighted microwavable wrap use moist heat to help relieve neck and shoulder pain. This wrap is shaped to elegantly drape around your shoulders and neck while still allowing you full motion and function  of your arms. The wrap can be used for both hot and cold therapy and stays flexible unlike those commonly found stiff heating pads or ice packs.

Map It Out

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or planning to become one this is the visual feedback and motivator you need. A set of 50 state decal stickers is the perfect gift for any avid traveler.  All states are in full color and are laminated to make them highly durable.

Spoon Rest

This white ceramic spoon rest goes with any kitchen design ,  and can be thrown in the dishwasher after heavy use and abuse.  Perfect for reducing countertop stains and the need for paper towels. This is a great kitchen upgrade and keeps it looking great.

Power Your Cell Phone on the Run

Among our 21st Century problems is the need for continuing power to our cell phones. This power pod is so convenient and so unobstrusive  as it’s easy to carry and hard to lose once it’s connected to your keyring. Available with lightning or USB-C connectors, this rechargeable power pod is an absolute necessity when out of the house.

Stow Those Shoes 

Storage cubes make everyone feel better about themselves! Who doesn’t like a little organization every now and then? This set is a freestanding organizer requiring no tools and is compact enough for an entryway. Give guests or family members a place to cast off shoes or just get one for your closets.

The Meat Carving Board

Not all cutting boards are created the same. Sometimes there’s real thought going into design for added function and utility. This is one of those cutting boards. This carving cutting board is double-sided, giving one side for vegetables and one side for carving meat without mess or cross contamination.  You’ll come to appreciate the grooves and spikes if it’s all about the meat for you.

Bento Boxes For The Masses

I love bento boxes as they separate and divide each food in its own place. This one is ultra-slim with convenient portion control wells and is completely leakproof so you won’t make a mess carrying it to work. The custom sized insulated carrying case is a big bonus for when you really don’t want to share the microwave with others.

Cold Brew For You

If you’re a cold brew person, then you are a cold brew person and you know what I’m talking about. This cold brew coffee maker makes it simple to brew the stuff you crave and in the sized batches you need.

Cheesemaking, Anyone?

Why not make cheese yourself? After all, humans have only been doing so for a few thousand years. Isn’t it time for you to join in? So, if your ready, get this cheese-making kit and discover the joys of making five different types of cheese: mozzarella, ricotta, burrata, mascarpone, and goat cheese. You’ll thank me later.

Keep Your  Beard In Check

Keeping up with a beard can be a full-time job and there’s no shortage of grooming aids, but this cordless and water-resistant trimmer is a full barber’s shop in one. Trimmer, attachments and even a straight razor, like in those old-fashioned barber shops are all included.

Gotta Be Green At The Grocery

Reusable shopping bags are the national trend, especially when grocery shopping. Whether you know have to pay for those disposable bags or not, we all know they’re awful for the environment. These bags each replace 2 of those flimsy plastic bags and are easy to carry without fear of the bottom falling out.

Be Entertained by Your Tea Balls

It’s not just about the taste with these blooming tea balls, it’s also about the spectacle of making the tea. Drop one into a clear cup or see-through teapot and prepare for quite a show as you lead up to some good tasting tea. This variety pack includes cherry, peach, strawberry, black currant, raspberry and cactus melon flavors.

A Wallet Within Reach

If you’re tired of carrying a big fat wallet filled with cards and things you rarely use, it’s time to get a stick-on wallet which affixes to the back of cellphone that you already carry everywhere. Keep necessities, like Drivers License and a credit card or two with you and nothing else.

Wok It To Me

Why do I need a wok?  OK, if you didn’t already know, a wok is the best choice for making so many things, but especially stir fry. Nothing concentrates heat better for more efficient stove top cooking and nothing cleans up more easily than your wok.  This one comes with a domed lid and spatula, too.

A Jarring Experience

These glass jars remind me of old fashioned candy stores and even some modern day replicas before the days of COVID-19.  They are definitely the right combination of fun and whimsy and are real conversation starters as you select the right colors and themes to complement your counter top.

The Weighted Blanket is a Wonder

If you haven’t used a weighted blanket you don’t know what your pet knows. The right amount of evenly distributed weight confers comfort and restful sleep. Available in different weights and colors, with 15 pounds a commonly recommended standard. This blanket has nine layers and 10-inch pockets for better weight distribution and maximum comfort

This Is One Good Sheet

You can’t talk about blankets and not talk about bed sheets, can you? While there are lots of options, it can be hard to know which to pick. These are great for lots of reasons including price point, variety and silky softness. A sheet that breathes and retains its cool feel throughout the night is something that once you’ve tried you won’t go without.

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